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Children’s Dentistry La Jolla

From baby teeth to dentures, and in between, our family dentist La Jolla office is devoted to giving patients of all ages the best treatment possible. We know that going to the dentist La Jolla can be intimidating, especially for children, so we do our best to create a peaceful and relaxing environment so that you and your loved ones leave our office smiling.

At our office, we greet you by name, offer you refreshment and provide you with amenities such as TV during your visit. Our dental team is dedicated to providing you with the personalized, gentle care.

Your initial visit will usually include an exam, a thorough cleaning, X-rays and treatment recommendations for your long-term oral and overall health. Our dentists want to diagnose and treat problems while they’re still small so that you and your family don’t have to undergo more complicated procedures.

Using advanced technology, we fill a wide variety of needs, from routine dental care to a complete smile makeover. Our dental services include:

In addition to our state-of-the-art technology, our professional staff will listen to your concerns and questions in order to formulate a personalized plan for your dental care. When it comes to children’s dental health, we want parents to be informed decision makers and fully understand all dental issues.

We recognize that dental appointments can be scary for little ones, so we put a special emphasis on our serving children’s dental needs. Our hygienists are trained to make sure that your child is comfortable during his or her visit.

We also provide the same sensitivity for adults who may experience anxiety at the dentist. Our staff will make your visit our office as painless as possible. We can be your one-stop dentistry office for the whole family so you won’t have to drive from office to office for dental care.

Bird Rock Dental Dental Procedure On Child


★★★★★ The exceptional customer service I receive at Bird Rock Dental has made going to the dentist such a pleasant experience for me. Dr. Dains and his entire staff are very friendly and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to dental care. I don't think I've ever enjoyed going to the dentist until I started coming here. Thank you Bird Rock Dental for going above and beyond when it comes to providing the best customer service.
Clarissa - Actual Patient


★★★★★ Dr Dains fit us in and took care of us while we were on vacation and had a dental emergency! His staff was kind and helpful and his fee was reasonable. The office was immaculate and easy to find. We highly recommend this Doctor and his staff!
Susan - Actual Patient


★★★★★ I was pleased with my excellent experience with Dr. Dains. He was attentive to my comfort level when giving me a thorough cleaning. He listened to my questions about my old filings and gave me advice and options. Dr. Dains made sure I knew I needed to take my medication with each dental cleaning in the future after my knee replacement. I am aware now more than ever how important good dental care is to my overall health.
Gayle - Actual Patient


★★★★★ Dr. Dains is truly an amazing dentist. His work is impeccable, his patience is renown and his staff is excellent as well. I tend to dislike most medical office staff because I find them to be rude and generally unpleasant, but not in the case here. They actually seem to care, and if they don't then at least they do a great job of faking it.
Dimitry - Actual Patient


★★★★★ Thank you, Bird Rock! I had an exceptional experience for my checkup. Everyone was very friendly; including Lynn, Dr. Bree and Lisa! I felt Comfortable, everything was clean and neat and had no issues with my teeth (whew!) I will be back again for my next checkup :)
Lindsay - Actual Patient

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