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We offer an exceptional dentures La Jolla service for anyone in and around the La Jolla area. Our service starts with an initial consultation where we assess your mouth and see which treatment plan works best for you. Then, we get started with the practical part; making and fitting your dentures for you. Understandably, this is a service that many people are quite confused about as it can be a little bit complex. As a result, allow us to explain things to you in more detail.

What are dentures?

The simple answer is that dentures La Jolla are replacements for any teeth that have fallen out of your mouth. But, instead of just replacing the actual tooth, you replace some of the tissue under it as well. There are two categories of dentures; partial and complete.

Complete dentures are pretty much replacements for an entire set of teeth - either the upper, lower, or both. There are two types of complete dentures as well; immediate and conventional. With the conventional approach, you wait until all teeth are taken from the gums, and there’s been a healing period. After two or three months, the dentures fit in the mouth, and you’re good to go.

With immediate dentures La Jolla, there’s a slightly different approach. Impressions are taken before you’ve had all your teeth extracted, and the denture is made for the moment these extractions are done. Essentially, this means you can wear them right away, which doesn’t leave you with a mouth lacking teeth. The issue with immediate ones is that the gums continue to shrink after teeth have been extracted. Therefore, a denture may fit immediately after the extractions, but it can become uncomfortable and need re-sizing afterwards. In many cases, people might get immediate dentures as a part-time solution until the conventional ones are made.

As for partial dentures, these replace some teeth in a set. So, you could still have perfectly fine teeth still in your gums, but you get a partial denture to replace the ones that have been extracted or fallen out.

What's the process for getting dentures?

We won’t bore you with all the technical details revolving around our dentures service, but it does help to know what you’ll have to go through. The majority of our appointments follow a similar pathway. First, you come in for a consultation, and we analyze your teeth. If we see any that need to be extracted, we take a note of them and book you in to have them extracted by our oral surgeon.

The most uncomfortable part of your experience will probably be impressions, but we ensure that this is done quickly and efficiently. BAsically, this is where we take a mold of your mouth which helps us form the real dentures for you. From this, we can create a prototype denture to fit in your mouth and get the right sizing. Then, our technicians create the dentures, and we fit them for you. If you’re not satisfied, then you can keep coming back for appointments until it fits properly and doesn’t cause any discomfort.

What's it like having dentures?

Dentures will feel very different when you first put them in - particularly if you have a complete one. Things may feel hard at first, but you get used to them as time goes by.

There is some key denture maintenance advice to adhere to as well. Mainly, avoid wearing them at night and make sure you clean them as though they’re real teeth. While they’re not made of the same things normal teeth are made from, they can still become damaged, and the structures may weaken if they’re not cleaned properly.

How much do dentures cost?

We believe that dentures are such a worthwhile option for people with missing teeth. As such, we try and make them as affordable as possible for all our patients. We’ve got a range of options available, all at different price levels, to ensure there’s something for everyone.

The reason we offer our dentures at such a low price is that we make them ourselves. By not having to outsource this process it saves us a fortune in production costs, which is ultimately beneficial to you too.

We’ve got a list of our different dentures down below if you want to see what they look like and view their prices as well.

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