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Orthodontics in La Jolla

If you’re experiencing an orthodontic emergency, contact our orthodontist 92037 immediately.

Are you looking for an affordable orthodontist or for braces, to set your teeth in order? Orthodontics treatments are used to correct unaligned teeth and bite problems. The issues involved and corrected by orthodontic treatments can be considered both restorative and cosmetic because the procedures often result in fully functional and beautiful smiles. We’re placed in La Jolla, NV, and can get your teeth fixed for an affordable price!

While orthodontic treatments are most commonly used for young people, adults make up nearly a third of all orthodontic patients. Even though orthodontics can be used to treat people of any age, it is generally recommended to begin treatment early.

Orthodontics is used to protect your bite, maximize the performance of your teeth’s functions, and create well-aligned smiles, making oral hygiene easier to maintain. It can also change the appearance of the jaw, neck, and lips.

Orthodontists usually complete an extra two or three years of education in addition to their dental school requirements. Orthodontists evaluate a patient’s bite using several methods such as oral, facial, and functional examinations, intraoral and facial photographs, panoramic and cephalometric X-rays, and impressions of the teeth and bite for models. The results are studied and used to develop individualized treatment plans.

On the second visit, our orthodontist 92037 provides an estimate of the amount of time the treatment will take. The treatment duration depends on the patient’s age and the extensiveness of the procedure. On average, standard treatment is about two years. In order to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment, patients should follow the plan closely.

In some cases, oral surgery may be necessary. If so, post-surgical recovery may be needed before orthodontic treatment can begin.

We Offer Invisalign® Treatment!

- Virtually Invisible: Invisalign® aligners don't contain noticeable materials like braces; they're clear and blend in perfectly with your teeth when worn without ever feeling embarrassed to smile.

- Comfortable: Unlike the poking metal wires of braces, Invisalign® aligners are made of a single, smooth piece of plastic that won't irritate your mouth because they're customized just for you.

- Easy Cleaning: Braces make brushing and flossing a complicated effort, but removable Invisalign® aligners allow you to brush the way you've been doing your whole life.

- No Restriction: With braces, you can eat anything hard, sticky, or prone to damaging your brackets and wires; with Invisalign®, you can take out your aligners and eat without restrictions.

- Hassle Free: Brackets and wires can be very bothersome to deal with and have the potential to be damaged, requiring an appointment with our orthodontist 92037 to correct. Invisalign® clear aligners are hassle free.

- Convenient: The convenience of Invisalign® aligners allow both children and adults to continue through their day with ease.

What To Expect During Your Consultation

The treatment begins with an initial FREE Invisalign® consultation with our dentist or orthodontist, during which patients discuss their dental issues and what kind of results they want to see. Once the orthodontist determines the patient is ready to begin treatment, a plan will be created to address the problems. Impressions and pictures of the patient’s teeth are taken at this time.

The impressions are digitized as a three-dimensional image that our orthodontist 92037 will examine, working out the movements your teeth will make throughout the treatment. Based on the treatment plan, customized aligners are created to be worn at various stages of the treatment process. The number of aligners will vary by situation, but a typical treatment will include 20 to 30 aligners.

Why Choose Image Dental La Jolla?

Our Invisalign® dentist in Nevada has been providing orthodontic services for many years to adults, teens, and children. Image Dental La Jolla has a passion for enhancing our patient's smiles because we understand the importance and impact of aesthetically pleasing straightened teeth. We are top quality providers of Invisalign® aligners, taking pride in the skills and experience that we have gained. By choosing Image Dental La Jolla, you can expect a warm, comfortable experience with the help of our exceptionally-trained staff and multiple locations throughout La Jolla and Henderson.